I’m socially awkward and have been wanting to share my thoughts.  When I try to discuss my new found knowledge it just comes out all wrong (that is if I have the courage to overcome my anxiety to even initiate conversation).  I leave out key points, I tend to forget important details (a lot), I end up rambling.  If looks could talk it would be saying, “I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.  I think you just made that up.”  So hence this blog.  I figure I have a chance to edit and really think out my thoughts before I present them.  I mostly want to share information I’ve gained that I think will help not only moms trying to raise kids in this ‘deceptive’ world we live in but for anyone who wants to just be informed before making everyday decisions.  I will also include documentaries, articles, radio archives, etc. whenever possible so you can come up with your own conclusions.  So hope you get something positive out of this blog and of course your comments/opinions are welcome.