You may have noticed that organic foods are popping up everywhere.  Is this some food ‘fad’ trying to get us consumers to pay more for our food or is there some real health benefits to eating organic?  If you were to ask me that question about a year ago, I would have scoffed at the thought of paying more for organic foods.  What harm is a little pesticide going to do?  I’ve been eating non-organic foods my whole life and I’m healthy.

Then I watched a documentary called Food Inc.  This documentary exposes how food production has changed its priorities from providing people with quality food to producing as much food in as little time possible in order to do what?  You guessed it make more money.  Watching this movie really changed my views on what I eat and where to get it.  I highly recommend you watch it if you get a chance.  If you have netflix search Food Inc. and you can watch it instantly!

So yeah $16 for organic chicken is worth it.  It really was a matter of changing priorities for me.  What was more important?  Feeding my family quality food that not only tastes better but is much healthier or buying a bunch of frozen processed food?  Plus I love the fact that my money is going to farmers who actually care about people and who in their own right are standing up for all of us by not falling victim to the big business of food production.  So next time you’re at the market, take a look at the organic section.  My favorite places to shop which are wallet friendly are Trader Joe’s and Henry’s Marketplace  The meats/poultry have the most expensive price difference but fruits and vegetables can range from zero to 2 dollars.  Think it over…the quality and taste may have you coming back for more!